Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Simple Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial

I wanted to do a simplified version of an Arabic Style makeup so it can be a wearable look for all the time.  Try this look out for Valentines day and guaranteed you'll have your date or whoever you're with mesmerized by your eyes!

Products Used - click on any of the products below to shop this look


Mac Painterly Paint Pot

Lise Watier Illuminating Beads

The Body Shop Vanilla Spice Gloss

Mint Brushes available at


  1. Hi! Can you please do a review about the Pro Finish from MUFE. For what I read is a foundation not a powder. I use the HD foundation but in summer time it can be a little oily, so I was thinking on buying the pro finish for summer. What do you think?

  2. I love it, it looks so great on you <3.

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  3. Thanks for sharing! You look beautiful. I have been looking for ideas for myself for my wedding, and I think I am going to end up looking at Makeup in Sydney, where I want to get married.

  4. Gorgeous!! I love the way how you did! It looked very perfect on you. I want it to try it too.. :)
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