Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charlize Theron Peach Bronze Makeup

I wanted to start off the new year with a fresh natural look.  This Charlize Theron look is very monochromatic using peach & bronze shadows.  This makeup look is great for any occasion.

Products Used
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
Mint Foundation Brush #10
Make Up For Ever HD Concealer
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Mac Melba Blush

Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Make Up For Ever #103 e/s
Mint Brush #20
Mac Motif e/s
Mint Brush #22
Mac Woodwinked e/s
Mac Espresso e/s
Mint Brush #20
Mac Brun e/s
Mint Brush #24
Mac Brûlée e/s
Shu Umera lash Curler
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara
Red Cherry Lashes #503 (cut in half, ends only)
Mac Girl Boy brow gel

Make Up For Ever #50 lip pencil
Smashbox Afterglow gloss
Make Up For Ever D0 gloss

Mint Brushes available at


  1. thanks for posting, can't wait to try it!

  2. Hey, where can I send you a makeup tutorial request???

  3. Eman, I wanted to say thanks for the videos. You have no idea how useful they have been to me. So far i've followed the Victoria's Secret one, the Jennifer Lopez on the floor one, Megan Fox, and the makeup for small eyes one. Each time I got compliments. I am glad you keep it simple and easy to replicate. I plan on trying out the gold eye/pink lip katy perry one tonight! Thank you again. And by the way ur pakistani bridal look was beyond great, if i had seen it before, i would've used it on my wedding day (am pakistani). Wishing u the best.

  4. How are her eyebrows unkempt??? They look perfect to me. Sure ONE hair may be out of place, but is that really such a crime? They are so thin, it doesn't even show. I love your tutorials but don't appreciate comments like this. Makes me wonder what you would say about us regular girls, those of us who don't have professionals grooming us around the clock.

  5. The first makeup tutorial I ever saw from you was the Charlize Theron look way back. It's nice to see another...with better lighting too!

  6. This is so fresh and pretty - thanks for sharing:)

  7. Thanks for sharing the tips to get this makeup look. I have watched the video. Its really nice and i liked it. Her makeup is really awesome.

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  9. @Christina Seriously? First of all who cares what other people think of "regular girls". You need to get over yourself and learn how to be confident. When she says unkept is like comparing it to megan fox's eyebrows, very defined.

    1. Confident women don't make negative remarks about other women. Sorry I was just a little disappointed, I will go to another blog. I know what defined vs. undefined looks like. Charlize and Megan are both perfectly groomed.