Saturday, November 5, 2011

My feature on MuchMusic's #trending

I'm excited to announce that I was recently featured on Canada's music channel MuchMusic. One of my video tutorials was featured on their show #trending  
#trending showcases all the top music videos, top fashion fixes, top beauty tips - it's what's #trending right now.  They chose my makeup tutorial for the Adele Inspired Makeup Look to be featured along with Adele's video for Some one like you.  Check out more about #trending and my video here


  1. Congratulations ... and thanks for the tip on the page, I live in Venezuela, but soon I will live in Quebec, Canada, and this page will be very useful to me ... Congratulations again and repeat soon!

  2. Wow ! So cool for you ! Cograts !




  3. hey eman! i just found you. and i am so happy i did! i've tried two of your looks so far. and i must say i am pleased. i walk down the street and it seems like everyone notices me! congrats on being showcased. you deserve it! this is a very selfless thing your are doing. god bless.

  4. Aww! That's very good to know! Congrats Eman! ♥

  5. Your videos are amazing! And you are gorgeous! Thanks for helping me improve my smokey eye!

  6. wow... that's so beautiful and so cute... :-)
    please come and visit our blog... :-)

    (HAYU beautiful handicraft)