Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adele Makeup Tutorial

This look is inspired from the amazing singer Adele.  This is a look from one of her recent magazine covers.  If you love a sexy cat eye, this is the look for you!

Products Used

Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Mac Brule e/s
Mac Grain e/s
Mac Shroom e/s
Mac Cork e/s
Mac Courdroy e/s
Mac Smolder khol pencil
Make Up For Ever Aquablack cream liner
Ardell Demi Luvies lashes
Marcell Lash Extreme mascara

Make Up For Ever Hd Foundation #125
Make Up For Ever Hd Concealer #335
Mac Blot Powder
Mac Gingerly Blush
Mac Cork e/s (brows)

Make Up For Ever Aqualip liner #1c
Mac Myth lipstick
Make Up For Ever #8 Glossyfull


  1. Hey Eman, what's the name of the blending brush you used?

  2. You look gorgeous. I'm going to have to give this look a try, but I just have such a hard time with this eyeliner look. Practice I must! The actress who plays Rachel on the show 'Suits' looks so much like you. I knew there was something familiar about her.

  3. breathtaking! you are a great artist I am addicted to your channel, keep em coming;)

  4. u make it look soo easy.. i when i blend. it always ends up looking like mud.. ugh!!

  5. I love her, she sing awesome and have an a huge personality...
    But Eman, your eye looks gorgeous♥ Love it

  6. What a gorgeous look! So sexy...
    EMAN you're such a talented artist..thanks for sharing.

  7. Who is your blush brush by I have seen you use it in a couple isf videos.

  8. Just wondering which brush you use to apply the liquid eyeliner? Thanks :)

    Its a small crease brush that I got from a beauty supply store…no brand

  10. @vickyC. It comes with practice, I promise!

  11. @andz56 Its the same as the crease brush…beauty supply store, no brand

  12. @Ruthienmakeup The blush brush is from Nars

  13. love sooooooooooo much but how can i send u a pic of a look dat i wanna learn

  14. what are the contacts used in this tutorial?! they are beautiful!!! love the look, too

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  16. @Ash I didnt use any contacts for this look

  17. hey 1 suggestion eman....y dont u post ur pictures aftr every tutorial along with d inspiration picture...i thnk it wud help us a lot as photos r more clear dan d vedios...hope evry1 vl njoy it....wot say???

  18. This look is so pretty, I love it. I was wondering though if you had any good dupes for the colors brule and grain as I don't own either. I was also wondering if you had another spot I could send a look to you since I'm one of the few peeps in this world who hates facebook.

  19. Hi Eman,

    I've followed closely on your makeup tutorial, it has been a great help with all the fantastic tips, thank you! It turns me to be one of your 'you tube' fans. ;O)

    Could you please do a video tuturiol on Twiggy's make up?
    I will be attending a company event with a theme of 60s, 70s and 80s looks. It will be for this coming weekend. If you could please please do a make tutorial on each era, that will be awesome! :)

    Thank you in advance!

  20. You can send me all your makeup requests on my facebook page

  21. Absolutely love this look! trying to pick up the eyeshadows for it bit by bit!

    x x

  22. You are so gorgeous!! I like you tutorial....i love how you teach to use the eye liner aqua.

  23. Adore this, I can't wait to try it when I get home! And I wasn't sure about whether or not to buy the HD foundation but it looks so good in this that I will x