Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh Canada Makeup Tutorial

In case you guys didn't know, the Winter Olympics have been going on for the last 16 days here in Vancouver (my home town!) The city has been alive and to help show my support, this makeup tutorial is inspired by the Candian colors Red & White, with a bit of pink :)

Products used:
Make Up For Ever Pearly Waterproof Pencil #13
Make Up For Ever Red Flash color
Make Up For Ever White Flash color
Mac Gesso e/s
Mac Passionate e/s
Make Up For Ever #99 e/s
Mac Smolder eye pencil
Make Up For Ever Aquablack liquid liner
Mac Carbon e/s

Mac Melba Blush

Make Up For Ever #9 glossy full

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Classic Winged Liner

You've tried and tried again but you just can't seem to get that winged liner done right. Well, check out this great article below I found explaning how to get that perfect winged liner every time.

Products Required
When it comes to winged liner, there are a variety of products you can choose from. Gel liner, cake eyeliner, liquid liner and water proof eye pencils are some of your choices. All of these products have amazing staying power.

Tools Required
Having brushes in great condition is the key to creating a well defined, ultra sleek wing. You can opt to use a flat liner brush, angled liner brush, or a pointed liquid liner brush. Keep a few cotton swabs on hand to help you clean up around the edges of the wing.


1. Start off by dabbing a little primer onto the lid and then add an eye base. Follow this with translucent powder to set your eye base and add a nude eye shadow over the entire eye lid.

2. Push or draw your liner into the roots of your lashes which will create a thin eyeliner close to the lash line.

3. Next, start at the outer corner of the eye area pulling your brush or pencil along the lash line towards the nose. Hold your eye at the outer corner of your brow bone to tighten the skin. Do not pull at the outer corner. Thicken the liner at the outer corner and blend it into the rest of the liner as you work towards the center of the eyelid.

4. Next, you are creating your wing. Work your product from the center of the eyeliner along the base of the lash line and pull it out to where you would like the liner to stop. By easing the pressure of your brush as you approach the end of the wing you will avoid thickness and a squared edge and will create a fine tip instead. Working outwards will give the liner an upward swing and lift the corner of the eye. For a more dramatic liner connect the tip of the wing downwards to the outer corner of the upper lash line.

Have fun trying it out!!

xo Eman Aziz

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lea Michele Grammy Makeup Tutorial

The look that got the second highest number of votes from the Grammy looks was the Lea Michele Smoky Eye. This look is very sexy and sultry, great for a night out.
To see how it was done check out the video below and the products used.

Nars Primer
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #120
Make Up For Ever Lift concealer #3
Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Pressed Powder #205
Make Up For Ever Mat Bronzer #2
Make Up For Ever Contouring Palette #2
Mac mineralize blush in Danity

Mac Brun e/s (eyebrows)
Mac pencil in Smolder
Mac Soft Brown e/s
Mac Electra e/s
Mac Idol Eyes e/s
Mac Knight Divine e/s
Mac Black Tied e/s
Mac Brule e/s
Mac Gesso e/s
Make Up For Ever Aquablack liquid liner
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara
Ardell #301 false lashes

Mac lip pencil in Subculture
Make Up For Ever lipstick #427
Nars Moon Fleet gloss

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jeanne Becker and Olympic excitement Vancouver 2010

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Jeanne Becker. Jeanne is the host of Fashion Television and was one of the judges on Canada's Next Top Model. I've been watching her for years so meeting her was a really cool experience. She was in Vancouver for all the exciting events happening around the city during the 2010 Olympics. She interviewed the president of The Hudson's Bay Company, Bonnie Brooks. She also intereviewed Dean & Dan from Dsquared at their appearance at Holt Renfrew for the launch of their line of Canadian Olympic apparel. When I met Jeanne, I was very tempted to ask her thoughts on Alexander McQueen but decided not to because I wasnt sure if it would be appropriate. She was super friendly and sweet and it was great seeing her on the west coast for a change.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miley Cyrus Grammys Makeup Tutorial

So the winner is......Miley Cyrus! Thanks everyone for voting. Miley's look from the Grammys got the most votes so check out how I recreated her look.

Products used:

Make Up For Ever HD Primer #0
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #120
Make Up For Ever HD Concealer #340
Make Up For Ever Duo Matt Pressed Powder
Make Up For Ever Matt Bronzer #2
Mac Peachtwist Blush

Mac Courdroy e/s (eyebrows)
Make Up For Ever #2L AquaEyes liner
Make Up For Ever Aquacream liner #2
Mac Woodwinked e/s
Mac Rice Paper e/s
Nars Balthazar e/s
Mac Swiss Choclate e/s
Mac Soft Brown e/s
Mac Antiqued e/s
Mac Carbon e/s
Mac Smolder eye liner
Mac Shroom e/s
Mac Retrospeck e/s
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara
Ardell lashes #301

Make Up For Ever #50 Lip liner
Mac Hue lipstick
Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss

Monday, February 8, 2010

How to Prevent Dry Chapped Lips during Winter

There is nothing worse than trying to apply lipstick or lip liner to dry, chapped, flaky lips. Not only does it feel uncomfortable, it also accentuates how chapped your lips are.So why do we get chapped lips? Chapped lips are caused by the loss of moisture in the lip skin. The natural oils in the skin is lessened by exposure to dry air, wind, sun and cold, . Also repeatedly wetting your lips without protecting them first can also lead to chapped lips and I know we all do this but we shouldn't. A lack of essential fatty acids and vitamin B, poor diet and dehydration can also cause chapped lips.

Chapped lips can look dry, red and feel painful. Lips can also crack, split and bleed. But don't worry - there is hope! Try out these tips and your sexy puckers will feel reconditioned in no time!

Step #1 Exfoliate
Generously apply petroleum jelly to your lips. An inexpensive option is Vaseline. Take your toothbrush and gently exfoliate your lips in a circular motion. The petroleum jelly will soften your lips and your toothbrush will remove the dry flakes. Another option is to use an exfoliator. You can make an inexpensive version in your own kitchen by mixing a little sugar and honey together. Apply it with a toothbrush or your finger. Or you can purchase a lip exfoliator that contains beta hydroxy acid which will help remove dead skin. After either option, dampen a face cloth with warm water and run it over your lips to remove residue.

Step #2 Hydrate
To seal in moisture apply a hydrating lip balm containing any of the following ingredients: shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil or beeswax. These ingredients help to nourish, hydrate and heal chapped lips. You can also apply cool, salt-soaked cloths to the lips everyday to hydrate the lips. In extreme cases, apply hydrocortisone ointment under the lip balm.

Step #3 Stop Licking your lips!
Avoid frequently licking your lips as much as possible because this only increases the dryness by removing the lip’s natural moisture barrier.

Step #4 Drink more Water
Lack of water in the body makes lips dry so don't forget to drink lots of water. This will hydrate your lips, your skin and just make you feel good.

Step #5 Avoid Matte Lipsticks
Matte lipsticks are very dry in texture. Avoid using them because they will make your lips feel more dry. Choose creamier lipsticks or glosses to add hydration. Also avoid lip plumpers which can dry out your lips. Before applying your lip color, apply some lip balm or moisturizer on your lips to keep them moist.

A couple of my favorite products:
Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden This cream is a classic. Its been around since 1930. It protects, smooths and moisturizes your skin. It contains both beta-hydroxy and vitamin E.

The Body Shop Lip Scuff This exfoliator will help get rid of dry chapped lips by removing dead skin cells. Its filled with lots of great ingredients like macadamia nut oil, namibia leaves, and zambia beeswax. Its easy to use - just apply on your lips like a lipstick then remove residue with a tissue.

Try out these tips and you can have soft, supple lips all year long.

xo Eman Aziz

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Everyday Makeup Tutorial

We all have such busy lives and sometimes 10 mins is all we have to get ready in the morning. This makeup tutorial is a fast way of doing an easy makeup look that actually looks like you spent a lot of time on it. Check out the products I used below:

Make Up For Ever HD Primer #0
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #120
Make Up For Ever HD Concealer #340
Make Up For Ever Duo Matt pressed powder #203
Make Up For Ever Matt Bronzer #2
Nars Blush in Super Orgasm

Mac eye pencil in Smolder
Mac Electra e/s
Mac Print e/s
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara in extra black

Make Up For Ever Lip pencil #50
Make Up For Ever lipstick #434
Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss

Have fun trying out this look!
xo Eman Aziz

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Grammy's - Oh What A Night

The Grammys were held last Sunday and they were filled with all the biggest stars. There wasn't any major gossip or drama like past reward shows recently (Kanye stealing Taylor's spotlight or Chris brown brawl with Rihanna) it was just really good music and really good performances.

One word especially came to mind - DIVA! All the big time Divas were there - Beyonce, Celine, Pink, JLO, Rihanna, Fergie all brought it to the red carpet and looked fabulous.
Some of my favorites:
Lady Gaga of course! Brilliant as always. She opened the night with a beautiful duet with Elton John. She had several wardrobe looks for the night all done by Giorgio Armani. Every look was more over the top then the one before. You can really tell a difference with her makeup since she's started working with new makeup artist Billy B! He's amazing - you should check out his work if you love makeup.
Rihanna's dress was definitely a show stopper. She wore a white haute couture gown by Elie Saab that had feather detailing all over the front and neck. Rihanna always goes for something daring and different - that's why I love her style.

My favorite performance of the night (other than Gaga) was Pink. Who else can pull off a nude body suit with straps covering her "privates" as an outfit. She looked amazing, I loved the song she sang and her voice was perfect. Both Pink and Rihanna had similar faux hawks and wore similar silver white eye shadow on their eyes.

Beyonce was gorgeous as always. Her performance was good but a little predictable. She wore her hair sleek straight and a black smoky cat eye. She picked up 6 Grammys in total!!

Fergie looked sooo good, better than she has in a while. Her blue Emilio Pucci mini fit her like a glove. And her choc late brown hair with peachy nude makeup was a perfect match.

I was very impressed with Miley Cyrus - she looked hot and sexy and a little bit of Rock and Roll. Her short Max Azria dress showed off her best feature - her legs. She wore a strong smokey eye and pink nude lips and her hair was left loose and tousled. Love it!

Carrie Underwood was pretty perfection. Her voice sounded amazing during her MJ tribute song. Both her and Jennifer Hudson should make American Idol very proud!!

Katie Perry was a little retro, a little 70's, a little Indian princess. She wore bright colors on her eyes and a traditional Indian Bhindi. I can't believe she's already engaged to Russel Brand.

Glee's Lea Michele looked jaw-dropping in her navy Romona Keveza dress. It showed off her legs and shoulders and made her waist look tiny. I'm a big fan of the show. If you haven't seen one episode - you'll be hooked.

Now for my least favorites:

Taylor Swift had a huge night winning 'Album of the Year'. She was cute as she always is but I didn't like her long blue gown. The cut of the neck and shoulders looked really awkward to me. And she wore her hair and makeup as she always does.

Jlo - wasn't a huge fan of the dress, the hair or the makeup. Sorry but I miss the old JLO.

Oh Britney, britney, much as I love you, what in the world were you thinking wearing this outfit?? See-through, black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress over a bodysuit, paired with fishnet stockings??? I'm so confused. Where are her people?Let me know which Grammy look you would like me to recreate.

xo Eman Aziz

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here are some pics from a photo shoot I did recently with photographer Benjamin Kwan and model Britt from Next Modeling Agency.

The mood of the shoot was darker, moodier - it was all about Britt working the camera.


xo Eman Aziz