Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Megan Fox Video Makeup Tutorial

Megan Fox is gorgeous. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup because she really doesn't need it. This tutorial is a very simple but glamourous makeup look inspired by Megan's style.
Products Used:

Make Up For Ever Hd Primer #0
Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation #34
Nars Custard / Ginger Concealer Duo
Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder
Mac Golden Bronzer
Mac Melba blush
Make Up For Ever Star Powder #946 (highlight)

Nars Eye Primer
Mac Cork e/s (brows)
Mac Dazzelight e/s
Mac Orche Style e/s
Make Up For Ever Star Powder #902
Make Up For Ever Star Powder #949
Ben Nye White pencil liner
Make Up For Ever Black Aqualiner #0
Make Up For Ever Aquablack
Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder #11
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara
Ardel #120 Lashes

Mac Plink Lipstick
Make Up For Ever Glossyfull #6


  1. u r great at re-creating looks, it looks the same :)

  2. Very nice and simple and actually your eyes look similar to her

  3. this look is so lovely. i agree with both TheVanityBE and karenmva

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  5. Eman what is the foundation brush you used with the silver on the handle? And the skinny, tapered brush with the brown handle? Thanks!

  6. Laura-Ashley Wright

    The foundation brush is by Royal & Langnickel.
    And the tapered brush is by Make Up For Ever #16s

  7. Hi! I was wondering if you happen to have the NAKED palette by Urban Decay... Can you do a tutorial using just the eyeshadow in that palette? I have it and I seem to do the same look everytime and I wanted to see what combinations you would do. PLZ AND THANKS!

    P.S. Love your look...I think you are amazing with your make up!

  8. how did u start doing make up? bc i would looove to me a make up artist but idk how to start. please help!

  9. I love her, and I love make up.. you are the boss.. I'll follow you.. I'm sorry my english sucks, I know.. I hope you understand what I mean. kiss..

    Lourdes {from argentina}

  10. I would also love to do makeup as a career too. Could you give me some ideas on how to get started?

  11. I noticed that the make up forever star powder #949 is a Iridescent Red in the sephora store! Have they changed the number/color since you made this video? Thanks so much:)

  12. Hi Eman!!!! I want to recreate this look but the star powder #949 is not the same as the one you used in the video... Any recommendations? Thanks!!!

  13. Hey for everyone who asked, its Star Powder #946 not 949. Sorry about that. I've changed it in the products section. Thanks for letting me know!

  14. What would you recommend for MAC shadow alternatives for the MUFE star powders?

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  16. Totally agree. You are so amazingly talented at this, I truly see some features of Megan Fox here, I think you're pulling this off more naturally though :)