Monday, February 8, 2010

How to Prevent Dry Chapped Lips during Winter

There is nothing worse than trying to apply lipstick or lip liner to dry, chapped, flaky lips. Not only does it feel uncomfortable, it also accentuates how chapped your lips are.So why do we get chapped lips? Chapped lips are caused by the loss of moisture in the lip skin. The natural oils in the skin is lessened by exposure to dry air, wind, sun and cold, . Also repeatedly wetting your lips without protecting them first can also lead to chapped lips and I know we all do this but we shouldn't. A lack of essential fatty acids and vitamin B, poor diet and dehydration can also cause chapped lips.

Chapped lips can look dry, red and feel painful. Lips can also crack, split and bleed. But don't worry - there is hope! Try out these tips and your sexy puckers will feel reconditioned in no time!

Step #1 Exfoliate
Generously apply petroleum jelly to your lips. An inexpensive option is Vaseline. Take your toothbrush and gently exfoliate your lips in a circular motion. The petroleum jelly will soften your lips and your toothbrush will remove the dry flakes. Another option is to use an exfoliator. You can make an inexpensive version in your own kitchen by mixing a little sugar and honey together. Apply it with a toothbrush or your finger. Or you can purchase a lip exfoliator that contains beta hydroxy acid which will help remove dead skin. After either option, dampen a face cloth with warm water and run it over your lips to remove residue.

Step #2 Hydrate
To seal in moisture apply a hydrating lip balm containing any of the following ingredients: shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil or beeswax. These ingredients help to nourish, hydrate and heal chapped lips. You can also apply cool, salt-soaked cloths to the lips everyday to hydrate the lips. In extreme cases, apply hydrocortisone ointment under the lip balm.

Step #3 Stop Licking your lips!
Avoid frequently licking your lips as much as possible because this only increases the dryness by removing the lip’s natural moisture barrier.

Step #4 Drink more Water
Lack of water in the body makes lips dry so don't forget to drink lots of water. This will hydrate your lips, your skin and just make you feel good.

Step #5 Avoid Matte Lipsticks
Matte lipsticks are very dry in texture. Avoid using them because they will make your lips feel more dry. Choose creamier lipsticks or glosses to add hydration. Also avoid lip plumpers which can dry out your lips. Before applying your lip color, apply some lip balm or moisturizer on your lips to keep them moist.

A couple of my favorite products:
Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden This cream is a classic. Its been around since 1930. It protects, smooths and moisturizes your skin. It contains both beta-hydroxy and vitamin E.

The Body Shop Lip Scuff This exfoliator will help get rid of dry chapped lips by removing dead skin cells. Its filled with lots of great ingredients like macadamia nut oil, namibia leaves, and zambia beeswax. Its easy to use - just apply on your lips like a lipstick then remove residue with a tissue.

Try out these tips and you can have soft, supple lips all year long.

xo Eman Aziz


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