Thursday, November 12, 2009

Your Questions Answered

i have to say i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog/youtube it's so kind of you to share with everyone wot you know. i have some questions though.i live in malaysia.which is summer all year through.i am 17 this year. and i have some blemishes here and there.but it got better.probably coz of hormones.hehe but sometimes it pops out. i also have this stubborn lil bumps on my's on the bridge of my nose/the sides of my nose on my inner cheek beside below my eyes/around my lips and on my chin.some told me it is white heads ?it's ridiculously hard to remove.i've tried mask.i've done facials.but it's still do i get rid of it ? HELP !=]

So many things effect your skin. Your diet, exercise, what products you use to cleanse your skin etc. One tip I always suggest is to use a 3 step system twice a day. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. Make sure you wash your face before going to bed. Never go to bed with your make up on!!! That will clog your pores and give you the little bumps. You are on the right track...masks and exfoliating are a very important step to getting rid of those little bumps on your skin. Also remember to drink lots of water. And exercise - it makes you sweat out all the impurities in your skin and your skin feels fresh and rejuvinated.

Good luck, xo Eman Aziz

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