Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blotchy Eye shadow - eeek! How to avoid it

There's nothing worse than spending time on your makeup and having it looking messy in the end just because you missed a couple steps in the prepping process.

Prepping your eyes before applying eyeshadow can make the difference between beautiful looking eye shadow and blotchy, streaky looking eye makeup.

How to Prep
  • Apply foundation all over your lids to make the skin tone even.
  • Apply powder all over the lid. This will help smooth out the surface and avoid the eyeshadow from sticking in certain areas.
  • Apply an eye primer. This will ensure your eye shadow lasts all day and will prevent your eye makeup from melting, creasing or disappearing within a few hours.
Now you're ready to apply your eye shadow!

By following these tips, your eye makeup will look great and last all day!

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