Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 Makeup Trends

2009 is all about looking fresh and gorgeous. Whether it’s a radiant complexion, natural blush or lips…the key is natural beauty.

Rimmed Eyes
The Cat eye is still around this season but with a twist. Instead of the lined wing effect, the look this seasn is more concentrated on rimming the eyes with a dark liner or shadow to define them and make them pop.

Peach Blush
One of the main colors for blush this season is Peach. It gives you the appearance of being a bit made-up without looking too girly or bronzy.

Red Lips
Whether matte or gloss, tomato or crimson, red lips make a statement. The color instantly illuminates your complexion. Pair a red lip with light eyes or cat eye for some extra drama.

A Softer Smokey Eye
After several seasons of dark, heavy shadows, eyes are lightening up. The eye is still dramatic but the colors are softer. Try pairing golds browns for a softer look rather than the usual grays and blacks of the traditional smokey eye.
Combine any of these looks with flawless-looking skin and you’ll be totally up to date with this season’s makeup trends!


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